Nevyan Intelligence

Global Asset Tracing Consultants

Nevyan Intelligence is a hands-on private intelligence agency. We are most in demand from large corporations with an interest in financial crime, corporate diligence, corruption, tracing assets across multi-jurisdictions. Our core skill is piercing offshore structures, including trusts and foundations.

 Intelligent Investigations 

Local Knowledge. Global Reach.


We are a specialist in this field and one of a handful of companies able to get behind    trusts and offshore foundations. With over 20-years experience in the field and highly technical capabilities, our team are well placed to deliver projects to our clients. We work closely with Law Firms and Industries who have suffered from losses due to high level financial crime. 

We can unravel complex corporate structures where monies are hidden across a number of different countries and jurisdictions. We are a specialist in this field, working only to bespoke briefings and individual requirements.  We operate within a legal frame work.

Over 20-years experience in field operations, tracing offshore assets and analytic capability. Often instructed to work as part of a Legal team and providing evidence in Court in line with PACE and the Civil Evidence Act. 

The company is owned and operated by Simon Sutton who started his career within a   government operated organization and has over 24 years of specialist knowledge in this field. One of a handful of people capable of this type of operation, his knowledge has developed and grown through government training and by running on the ground operations.

85% success rate in Court, working with City Law Firms in London and across Europe. 

We have over 20-years experience in this niche market of identifiying hidden assets and concealed wealth in the key offshore jurisdictions of BVI, Grand Cayman, Panama, Cyprus and Asia Pacific.

We translate the complexity into a simplistic and easy to navigate evidential report and relationship map that can be used in UK Courts. We operate in line with PACE and the Civil Evidence Act and work to strict briefings predominantly through law firms and in the corporate sector.

Often going against organised financial crime and high-value misappropriation of funds to multi-millions, we are well placed to face the obstacles and challenges those who would like to remain anonymous attempt to place in the way of discovery.

We are dynamic, fearless and results focused. Our research work is diligent and detail orientated. Our actions are tactical and fast-paced to stay ahead of those who wish to hide.  These individuals hide in the gaps and so we operate in the gaps, whilst keeping within a strong legal framework to ensure success in assisting our clients to achieve a good outcome.

Nevyan is not without its battle scars as we have been instructed on a number of high profile and high net worth investigations over the last several years. Naturally those who have committed financial crimes or wrongdoing, do not like being tracked down and held accountable in the Courts or Criminal Justice system.

We will only take on projects that adhere to our strict guidelines and service level agreements. We will complete due diligence on new cases before instructions are accepted. A project brief must be completed directly by the client, in an agreed timeline and signed in accordance with our terms of engagement.