Finding Hidden Assets

How to find hidden assets

Before we start looking for any potential assets, we arrange for a complimentary  meeting to take place in order to obtain a full briefing of the client requirement. This is normally held at our offices.

Where possible we prefer to initially develop the knowledge the client already has into a relationship map of known assets and identities which we can use as a jumping off point.

We need to ensure accuracy of the project, deliverables agreed to schedule and costs, to ensure the client is happy and in full acceptance of the project brief.

We will only start work on a project once the  client has signed the terms of engagement letter and is fully compliant  with the brief and expectations.

We aim to deliver exacting intelligence and analytics to our clients in line PACE and the Civil Evidence Act.

We work closely in some cases with authorities and we understand the importance of timeliness and communication whilst working on projects that are high-profile or high-value.

We are here to achieve results for our clients

Project Stages & Strategies

Once a client has agreed and signed off on a project brief and deliverables, we will move to a structured set of actions in which we keep the client updated at all stages.

The team is allocated according to project requirement to ensure the right consultants and analysts are working on a case for the best outcome scenario.

We take pride in delivering to clients on time and to schedule and costs and to date.

We have experienced an 85% success rate of assisting clients to win their cases in the UK Courts.

The project stages are bespoke to each project ans will be clearly labelled and agreed in advance.  We will not work outside of the scope of works unless we are directed by the client.

If it becomes apparent in the very early stages that a complex project will not benefit the client, we will advise so as to not waste client costs.

We are tactical, dynamic and determined

We have cross-jurisdiction capabaility and can often find results where others have struggled.