Human Intelligence & Know Your Client Reports

Know Your Client & Due Diligence Reports

There is a continued trend towards an increase in regulatory pressures surrounding Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and over the course of 2015, there were a number of high profile fines and investigations.

This makes KYC (Know your Client) an ever-more important function and a key focus area for management.

It is imperative that firms are following the correct compliance procedures and firms are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate a robust compliance framework.

It is the responsiblity of the management team to ensure that all territories have sufficient management oversight and that regulations are being complied with at both a local and a global level.  

We bridge the gap between what a client does and should know

Global Relationship Mapping & Human Intelligence Analytics

Nevyan operates a global resource map and has collated a comprehensive database of information to include a quick reference guide as the regulatory issues continue to change and increase.

A growing trend amongst companies, particularly financial institutions, is the problems and issues surrounding finanical crime.

This is becoming ever more the case whether a client is a global organisation, to small companies and partnerships.

Understanding the consequences of financial crime on reputation and brand as well as financial losses

In fact, our research has indicated that financial crime is vastly becoming one of the biggest challenges faced by companies. This extends well beyond the financial losses.

Companies are now targeted on losses to reputation, brand, employee morale, business relations.

Nevyan works with our clients with a holistic approach to human intelligence and KYC compliance in a robust framework, to prevent financial damage and losses and provide risk-modelling for advanced solutions to responding to financial crime.