Reputational Management

Nevyan Intelligence and Simon Sutton  has been wrongfully attacked in an online reputational damage campaign against the company and Simon personally. 

Simon's Comments:

"Despite taking legal and police action, there is very little that I can do to remove comments, and I have had no opportunity to write to the online company involved as they do not check or manage comments put online. They do not take into account police reports, or evidence and do not care if the comments are true or false.

One of the main sites malicious comments have been posted on that are completely untrue has such a reputation for being a 'revenge site' rather than a consumer site, that companies advertise services specifically for the site. MincLaw is one company that offers assistance and has an independent review of this site.

The online comments forum is based in the Ukraine,  and they do not accept or respect UK Court Orders, but instead will remove comments for the price of £10,000 minimum. 

However, our research shows that some companies (law firms) who have produced Court Orders and paid these online forums vast sums, have the comments removed for one day and then placed back on again. Companies are then required to pay this online site a monthly management fee to keep comments offline. It is akin to blackmail and not worth taking this route. The online forum is operated by a group of hackers. 

We are sorry to have to address this as an issue. In 24-years Simon Sutton and Nevyan have upheld an exemplary reputation, without issue. After getting involved in a high-profile case, the company was attacked without cause. Criminals do not like getting caught and do not like being called out on their behaviour. It is a very basic revenge strategy for them to put unverified and difficult to remove comments on an unsubstantiated website forum.

If this puts you off using the services of Nevyan Intelligence, we respect your decision although we are sorry to lose your custom.

Our regular and corporate clients are not taking any of the comments seriously and we continue to work closely with authorities and law firms and we continue to achieve an 85% success rate in UK Courts".

For a phone or written reference by our regular clients, please call or write to us.  

Thank You,

Simon Sutton, Financial Crime Consultant