Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial Owners &  Asset Tracing

Every day, we read about high net worth divorces, commercial disputes, corporate redundancies, large scale investment frauds, carousel and boiler room frauds.

What we dont read about, are the common denominators amongst these cases, about how and where wealth is concealed and about who is making small fortunes in assisting the concealment of 'high volume wealth'.

The tracing and identification of assets is not an exact science. There is no central database to source an individual's wealth; it is a combination of a number of investigative and intelligence techniques, best served in a bespoke manner.

Often we will come across lawyers or  accountants, using complex corporate structures, trusts and foundations in remote places around the world, to control, administer and ultimately conceal an asset.

By using a unique combination of analytical, HUMINT and open source intelligence gathering, we unlock these complex structures, simplfy the nature of how assets are hidden, provide corroborative evidence, sourced and reported in a diligent, legal and simplified method.

We can present your legal arguments in a manner that the Courts can understand and reach an informed decision upon.

We have specialised in identifying the ulimate beneficial owner of an entity for over 20 years, in most offshore jursidictions, including but not limited to the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Panama, Mauritius, Nauru, Cook Islands and US Marshall Islands.